Teacher Work Session 2/12

Passing on the embers of Melrose Project Based Learning flame has proved a difficult with ongoing waves of change in faculty and administration. Just as our students “document a solving of the problem,” I will attempt to memorialize our teachers’ process.

 Rose, “students questions guide where they go.”

Principal Needleman’s charge:  bringing his enthusiastic, yet divergent faculty, under a project based leaning umbrella.

Expectation: “I’m giving you some resources:  if you like manuals you have it, if you don’t have to use them.  I printed out ‘Challenge Based Learning, ‘ purchased Understanding by Design and PBL.

  • look at resources
  • starting to plan
  • March, implement the project based learning

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LACMA: Workshop, Dinner & Frank Ghery, 12/1

LACMA Evenings for Educators: Tuesday, December 1 | 4:30–8:30 pm

The Frank Gehry exhibition presents an examination of this Los Angeles-based architect’s extraordinary body of work, showcasing drawings, models, and monitors that feature his use of technology. This session of Evenings for Educators will explore Gehry’s work and creative process and better illuminate the intersection of art, technology, math, science, and social studies represented by his oeuvre.

LACMA for Educators